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Why we are so passionate about hydrogen?

In a successful energy transition, we will have to move around clean fuels amounts like oil and gas volumes of today. The efficiency and success of today comes for innumerable companies with relevant technical expertise and the organizational capabilities required to manage such operations at this scale.

We’re dedicated to repurposing the existing industries and organizations so that they contribute to a cleaner economy and help improve the cost and performance of clean fuels value chains. This will turn hydrogen into a green commodity for us all to keep high living standards while protecting the planet’s climate.

In doing so we combine our passion for hydrogen technologies, our passion for sharing our knowledge and expertise, and our passion for starting and growing new activities.

Why you should switch to hydrogen

Adopt Hydrogen as Clean Fuel

Adopt Hydrogen as Clean Fuel

Greenhouse gases emissions reduction is a major collective objective our economies must achieve to limit climate change. Companies are at the forefront of this challenges as most of the current emissions are either made by companies or products and pieces of equipment provided by companies to individual end-users.

Many companies have already developed plans to reduce their emissions while maintaining profitability and competitiveness. Many others still must get started on this journey.

One of the options available is to switch to green hydrogen as a clean fuel or a clean feedstock. Indeed, hydrogen can be used as a fuel pretty much in every application in which oil and gas are used today. Most of the time switching to hydrogen requires revisiting the established operating mode but enables and delivers additional benefits beyond an environmental footprint improvement, like price stability. As there will be tensions on power supply, and as existing infrastructure and installed based can be leveraged, companies should consider fuel switching to hydrogen as a credible option for their long-term energy supply.

Develop New Activities

Develop New Activities

The worldwide demand for hydrogen to power the energy systems and to support industrial processes is dramatically increasing. Demand projections indicate it will increase from 75 Mt per year in 2020 to 500 Mt per year over the next three decades. Hydrogen could provide up to 25% of global energy demand by 2050. More and more countries adopt policies that support investment in hydrogen technologies in a wide variety of sectors.

As a result, market opportunities are emerging for companies working in many different fields. From production to its conversion to e-fuels, its storage under different forms, its shipment, and its final use, hydrogen requires many different technologies. These technologies range from underground activities to advanced materials manufacturing, fuel distribution, energy management, safety management, and many more.

Beyond market opportunities, companies with transferable skills and technologies can find with hydrogen new playing grounds in which to expand their vision and fulfill their mission.

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